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Audi 01E Quattro Transmission

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Here's the rundown of 01E gearbox ratios from the parts microfiche. This now includes information on the US A6tt and S4tt 01E gearboxes and the Allroad 01E gearbox.

Some cars shipped to the US and Canada definitely have different code transmissions than the European installations shown here. A good example is the US 1995 UrS6 - the US UrS4/S6 cars have the CBD gearbox with the 0.73 top gear, and the European cars have the CET shown here with the 0.76 top gear.

The 01E transmission is the one found in S-cars, and in the European V8's and A8's. The '91 V8 5 Spd was a type 016 transmission, the '91 6 Spd was a type 01E which we never saw here in the US. The US 2000 and later 6 speed gearboxes are also the 01E type. When looking at a car, it's easy to tell an 01E - reverse gear is down and forward to the left.

As a note, the mainshaft side of 1st and 2nd gear ratios are cut on the mainshaft, and the driven shaft side of 3rd and 4th ratios are cut on that shaft. This driven shaft is hollow and the pinion shaft runs inside it. This means that you have to change 3rd and 4th gear ratios as a set since the driven shaft includes both. You can run any 5th and any 6th ratio in any gearbox.

5 Spd.
5 Spd.
6 Spd. 2.2L S6 & 4.2L S6+
6 Spd. RS2
6 Spd S6 4.2L & RS4
6 Spd A6tt - S4tt
6 Spd 2.5L TDI
6 Spd A4 2WD 2001> 1.6L & 2.0L
6 Spd A4 2001> 2.4L & 3.0L V6
6 Spd A4 2001> 1.8T & 1.9TDI
6 Spd A4 2001> 2.5L TDI
6 Spd AllRoad V6tt
6 Spd AllRoad 2.5L TDI
3.50   1.89   1.23   0.93   0.73          CBD
3.50   1.89   1.23   0.93   0.76          CET - European
3.50   1.89   1.32   1.03   0.86   0.73   ** CBM **#
3.50   1.89   1.32   1.03   0.86   0.71     CRB CGR
3.50   1.89   1.32   1.03   0.81   0.68   ** CBN
3.50   1.89   1.32   1.03   0.81   0.68     DSY EDU
3.50   1.89   1.32   0.87   0.67   0.56
3.50   1.89   1.23   1.07   0.73   0.60     FPN FRL     31/8 (3.875) R&P.
3.50   1.89   1.32   1.03   0.86   0.73     FRE             35/8 (4.375) R&P.
3.50   1.89   1.32   0.93   0.73   0.58     FPP FTT     37/9 (4.11) R&P.
3.75   2.05   1.32   1.03   0.71   0.56     ENV FTM     35/9 (3.89) R&P.
3.75   2.05   1.41   1.07   0.86   0.73     See R&P Note below
3.75   2.05   1.23   0.93   0.73   0.60     See R&P Note
** both sets of ratios are listed for S6 V8 6 speeds.
**# DGV listed for A8 1994-> Includes oil pump & wide 1st gear
R&P Note: AllRoad has 35/8 (4.375) - other 01E has 37/9 (4.11)
Most A4 gearboxes have different R&P ratios.

As far as I can see, the A8 Quattro 6 speeds have internal ratios matching those above. The A8 NON-Quattro 01E gearbox has some different ratios but I can't tell if the parts are interchangable. I'd guess not.

The weak point of many 01E Quattro transmissions is 1st gear.
At least 4 different types of 1st gear were used, all the same ratio.
Here's a discussion and pictures of 1st gears, including which one
was used in which car and which code transmission.


Here's a breakdown of part numbers for entire transmissions, and the
corresponding code letters with which car they were used in.


Here's a discussion of using an Audi Quattro transmission in a mid engined
car, and why it's not strong enough for a V8 powered mid engined car.

The Porsche 968 has a version of the 2WD 01E transmission.  
It looks like there might be some of the parts that would 
interchange, if you were so inclined.
Here's descriptions of 968 parts, ratios, and differences.
This also discusses an Audi replacement for the 968 1/2 shift hub
that is out of production and unavailable from Porsche.

Discussion and pictures of differences between various Audi 01E
Quattro transmissions. This shows middle housing differences for wide 1st
gear, and shows differences in ProConTen and shift linkages.

Questions and Answers - with pictures
Symptoms of 1st gear failure, and options to solve the problem.
Includes pictures of failed 1st gear shaft.

Comments on installing later S4tt transmission into UrS4/S6

Here's pictures showing how to identify center section of transmissions that have a wide 1st gear. There's also pictures here of a tail housing with the ProConTen guide and a picture of a transmision with an oil pump.

How can I tell if I have a wide 1st gear?

Crawl under the car and look at the transmission serial number.

The number will be located on the bottom of the transmission right under the inner CV joint of the driveshaft for the left front wheel.

On the left side of the transmission, there is a side cover plate that's about 9" in diameter and it's bolted to the transmission with about 10 nuts. The flange that the CV joint fastens onto comes out through the middle of this side cover plate. The serial number is on the bottom of the transmission body, right under the bottom two nuts holding the side cover plate. It's on the bottom of the body, not the side plate.

The serial number will have the 3 letter code like "CBD"or "CBL" followed by 5 digits.

Check the 5 digit serial number with the numbers given above.
This is a picture of code and serial number. Click on picture for enlarged photo.  
You will see pictures of transmission code and serial numbers, and also picture of a narrow 1st gear

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