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    • What is the peak horsepower of the 12v engine? Is it 172hp or 174hp?
      The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.
      Both claims are correct, it just depends on who you ask. In European publications, the V6 is generally listed as having 174 peak DIN horsepower; in the US it is listed as having 172 peak SAE horsepower. Both of these numbers are perfectly accurate, as long as you reference the proper standard (DIN or SAE). The SAE measure for one horsepower is the ability to lift 33,000 lbs one foot in one minute. The DIN measure for one horsepower is the ability to lift 450.000 kg one cm in one minute. These measurements are close, but not exactly the same: given the same power output, the SAE measurement will be about 98.629% of the DIN measurement.
      As an aside, the term 'bhp' is often used to describe engine power output; this is 'Brake Horsepower,' which is the actual power that makes it through the transmission and drivetrain to the wheels of the car. It is called Brake Horsepower because a brake is applied to determine how much pressure is needed to absorb the engine's power. Brake Horsepower must also reference the proper standard (DIN or SAE).

      Power is also measured in Watts, which is handy because everyone agrees on what a Watt is. The 12v V6 produces, at its peak, 128kW. From there you can make the following conversion:
      • 128kW * 1.341 = about 172 hp (SAE)
      • 128kW * 1.360 = about 174 hp (DIN)

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