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The Engine Audi's 12v V6 engine was offered in two basic configurations; a 2.6 liter configuration (avaliable everywhere in the world except North America) and a 2.8 liter configuration (available everywhere). Both configurations were based on the same basic design, have many interchangeable parts, and are similar enough that they are both covered in this site. Beware, however, that each configuration had several different iterations that often make maintenance confusing.

The first section (Features) is a brief overview of the features common to all configurations and iterations of the 12v V6.

The second section (Identification) helps you identify the engine and ECU version you have in your Audi.

The third section (Component Locations) can point you in the right direction if you are having difficulty finding something specific on the engine or in the engine bay.

The fourth section (How it Works) is full of nerdy technical stuff about components and systems and how they all work together.