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12v.org is not about performance tuning - that's been done elsewhere; if you're interested in tuning I strongly recommend the Audiworld 12v forum.

That is not to say that I'm not interested in putting performance modifications here; it's just that I don't want to duplicate effort. If you have made a performance modification and want to share it with the world, by all means let me know and I'll put it here, assuming it follows a few rules.

First, I'd like to keep this section consistent with the spirit of the rest of 12v.org, which is to say that I want to see technical notes and details on how to make it work.

Second, I don't really want to see demonstrations of off-the-shelf modifications unless you've made some changes to it that are notable (like adapting a modification made for another vehicle to your car; not like drilling holes in your cat-back exhaust system so that it's more annoying to other motorists). The exception to this would be if the installation or setup of the off-the-shelf mod is very complicated, and you want to show how it's accomplished.

Pictures are good.

If you've made some sort of performance modification, some justification of performance claims (better than the butt-o-meterTM) would be nice. For example, if you've done the 'swiss cheese airbox' thing, the car may feel faster, but I'd like to see some proof if you can get it. Having said that, I won't turn anything away for lack of proof, unless it seems obviously bogus (no perpetual motion Audis!).

If you are selling a product, and want to show it off here, that's OK with me as long as you put forward at least a little technical information as to how it works. Also, links to wherever you sell your product are OK but not active selling from here. Such advertising is free, as long as it is at least a little thought provoking.

Some other rough guidelines:

  • Brake/suspension/exhaust/etc. modifications
  • Custom engine modifications that produce actual results
  • 'Quality of life' modifications ('I did X and it made the air conditioner quieter' or 'here is how to replace dash light bulbs with LEDs')
  • Replacement headlight bulbs with blue/purple/etc tint on them
  • Cut springs
  • Major/competition stereo upgrades (I might consider adding your site to the links section, though)
  • Gigantic spoilers
  • Air filters
  • Rice ('Kraut? Fart pipes, neon lights, clear lenses, flimsy skirts, etc)

In addition to things that people send in, I will periodically try to post specifications of certain systems that are commonly modified but don't really relate directly to the engine. They go here: