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If you have your own repair manual on paper or CD, you might see some cryptic references to fluids -- here is the secret decoder ring.

Key to lubricants and fluids
AF DEXRON®-II Automatic Transmission Fluid
CD Motor oil, API service CD
EC Ethylene Glycol coolant
Mix with water to desired freeze protection
GL-4 Gear oil, API service GL-4
GL-5 Gear oil, API service GL-5
HB Hydraulic brake fluid, DOT4
LM Lithium grease
SG Motor oil, API service SG or better
SH Motor oil, API service SH or better
SLF Special Lubricant - Fluid
Mineral hydraulic system fluid, Audi part number G002 000
For Automatic Transmissions 01N/01V, use Audi part number G05 216 2A1 or G05 216 2A2
SLS Silicone Lubricant Spray
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