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There are certain situations where buying a Genuine Audi Replacement Part is not the wisest course of action. For example, many parts used in your Audi were also used in Volkswagens -- and Volkswagen parts are generally considerably less expensive than their Audi-branded counterparts, even though they are identical. It's also possible that you'll find a better price on a part if you look for the original manufacturer's part number (i.e. Bosch or Hella) rather than the Audi part number.

Which is great, but who has the time to compile this huge list? Not me. Probably no one.

But the great thing about the internet is that we can all help each other out. Here, we can all do our part: if you know of a part cross reference that might be helpful for others, put it here! If you see a cross-reference that is especially helpful, let us know by voting for it. Do the same if you see one that isn't quite right. Also leave your comments. Go for it!

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Good example: 'climate control fan for 1993 90CS'
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