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Reprogramming infrared remote keys

There are only a few cases that will cause your infrared (IR) remote key to stop working:
  • Microwave interference from surrounding area
    If you find that there are certain places that your key remote never seems to work, probably it is due to interference in the surrounding area. There is not really anything that you can do about this -- you'll have to manually unlock your door, just like everybody else (the horror!).

  • Key code is out of sync with the car
    This can happen if the button on the key is pressed several times while out of range of the car, if the batteries are very low, or if the batteries have been replaced. This is the first thing you should try if you have any trouble, since it's so easy: just point the key directly at the IR reciever, which is between the front and rear windows on either side of the car, and push the button, then use the key to lock and then unlock either front door within 60 seconds. Done!

  • Key is new/last resort
    If your key is new, or if a major component of the central locking system has been replaced, you need a pair of keys, one of which is the key you are trying to encode. The first thing to keep in mind for this is that the central locking system can recognize as many as four keys, and each key has a programming position -- so if you set your new key to be in the same position as an existing key, that key will stop working. Also, it may be prudent to leave at least one window rolled down as you perform this procedure.
    1. Insert a spare key (that you are not currently trying to program) into the ignition and turn on the car.
    2. Lock the car with the key you are trying to program from either front door.
    3. Remove the key from the door.
    4. Point the key towards the IR reciever, which is located between the front and rear windows on either side of the car, and press the button on the key once to program the key in memory position #1, or twice to program the key in memory position #2, etc.
    5. The anti-theft horn will sound briefly after each time you push the button on the key to confirm proper reception. If the horn does not beep, there is another problem with your key or central locking system that needs to be addressed.
    6. Wait five seconds after pushing the button on the key the appropriate number of times, then push the button once more time -- the car should unlock.
    The entire programming procedure must be completed within 30 seconds of manually locking the car. If you do not finish in time, you must repeat the procedure by manually locking the car again. If, after performing this procedure, another remote key stops working, you have probably overwritten its memory position -- you will need to reprogram that key to a new position.

  • That's not my car!
    You should have recognized this instantly -- you never get a good parking spot like that, and besides -- your car isn't nearly that clean. Just keep walking, bubba.
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