I just came across the absolute, unmitigated worst spot for airlow and fuel delivery in the entire intake system. As far as flow reduction it even tops the stock MAF. This area is likely worth more flow than the entire ported/polished intake manifold... especially when you multiply it by 6!!

This is horrible, inexcuseable and I'm gape-jawed Audi would let this fly as-is. It may be the worst I have EVER seen on any car.

Down the injector port in each injector seat you can see in the above pic how 35% of the spray pattern is deflected off of the stepped portion leading down to the intake valve. And it doesn't stop there as intake flow also encounters this step on it's way to the intake valve as well.

In the next pic you'll see what I mean.

This pic shows the difference between the intake port and injector path. The ported/polished intake port has been gasket-matched to this gasket. The head side doesn't even come close to matching the gasket profile. And I'm talking HUGE, HUGE obstruction in the airway as well as the injectors flow pattern. This is unfforgiveable stuff, ugly and a major faux pas on someones part to let this become a standard part on our cars. I mean it's a vulgar & flagrant no-no.

I mean we're talking on the order here of an over 25% reduction in flow at each port. Basically the par equivilant of welding a dime's edge at the top of each intake runner. Unbelieveable!!

Porting polishing the intake and exhaust runners on these heads will be a cakewalk. Hardest part will be profiling/gasket-matching this scew-up into the shape of the gasket. Not difficult mind you but a LOT of material removal.

I am SO glad I bolted my IM to one of the heads so I could look down thru both pieces to see what's going on down there. It also instilled a lot of insight as to some further grinding work I need to go back into the IM and radius a better path on top of the injector seat within the intake manifold. Something I never thought of or considered until I saw the two pieces bolted together.