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    • Is there a chip available for my Audi?
    • There is a supercharger kit available for the 30v V6; is there one for the 12v?
    • Can you put turbochargers on the 12v V6?
    • What is the peak horsepower of the 12v engine? Is it 172hp or 174hp?
    • I've heard that a 'European' ECU will give the 12v better performance. Is that true? Can I get one for mine?
      The only ECU revision for the 12v that had a performance chip offering was the MMS200 series. This creates the impression that the MMS200 ECU is somehow a better basis performance-wise, but that's not the case. The only reason that a chip was offered for the MMS200 series ECU was that the ECU is essentially the same as the ECU used in earlier 5 cylinder engines, so most of the work was already done. Performance gains from those chips were minimal at best, so no work was attempted on the later revisions.

      Somehow, the question shifted to European models: they don't have emissions control stuff, right? That makes them perform better, right? Could I use one of them?

      Short answer: In theory, you could. But don't.

      Long answer:
      • First of all, you need to get the same major revision (MMS200, MMS300, or MMS400) that you currently have. MMS300 and MMS400 ECUs functioned the same everywhere in the world, so the only difference would be in an MMS200 ECU.
      • Can you replace your MMS300 or MMS400 ECU with an MMS200 ECU, then get a European ECU? You could. You would also need to replace your engine wiring harness with one designed for another model.
      • Is it worth it? No. Most European MMS200 ECUs did not include emissions control functions (some did). Those ECUs also didn't include helpful inputs like MAF sensors which can actually improve performance. You will see zero gain with a European ECU. You might, however, fail your next emissions test (if your state requires it) if you use one.
      • What if you already have an MMS200 ECU? Then you wouldn't have to replace the harness. But there would still be no gains, it would just take less work to find it out.

      There is absolutely nothing to be gained from replacing your US ECU with a European one. If you want fancy European parts on your US 12v, try getting something worthwhile like headlights.

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